Lease a Domain Name for as Low as $50/Month

Our platform allows you to lease valuable domain names via small monthly payments out of your OPEX rather than to spend thousands of dollars to purchase similar domain name out of your CAPEX

Premium And Limited

Infinite letter-digit combinations, but limited keyword-rich domains. Premium domains cost more for quality. Good domains will vanish.

Easy To Share

Vanity URLs boost trust and memorability, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.  A good increase in click-through rates by 39%.

Stay On Brand

Consistency helps brand growth. Vanity URLs maintain brand recognition across platforms, ensuring unified identity for customers.

Global Leader In Leasing Domains

We are a global full-service Internet company specializing in acquisitions, management, and leasing of premium domain names that are typically short and easy to remember. The global pandemic has significantly shifted many of the operations to take strictly online. It is extremely hard to stand out and be remembered within the ocean of millions of websites and domain names. As of 2021 our portfolio contains almost 500 premium domain names valued at more than $10 million. Our client base consists of successful individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes belonging to various industries.

Recent Domain Name Sales

Below you will see some of the recent domain names over $100,000 USD.

Date Domain Name Price
05/17/2023 YOURRIDE.COM 300,000 USD
04/13/2023 AIRPLAY.COM 202,000 USD
03/29/2023 ECL.COM 600,000 USD
03/29/2023 TOPHOTELS.COM 380,000 USD
03/01/2023 GIVEAWAY.COM 400,000 USD
03/01/2023 PFP.COM 353,000 USD
03/01/2023 TACTIC.COM 303,295 USD
02/15/2023 PALESTINE.COM 194,399 USD
02/15/2023 COA.COM 140,000 USD
02/01/2023 STONEAGE.COM 120,200 USD
02/01/2023 TXT.COM 300,000 USD
01/18/2023 NEVIS.COM 100,000 USD
01/18/2023 TOPFX.EU 108,000 USD
01/18/2023 SKYWIN.COM 275,000 USD
01/05/2023 HELP.COM 3,000,000 USD
12/28/2022 POE.COM 260,000 USD
12/14/2022 REBATES.COM 500,000 USD
12/14/2022 BALLET.COM 1,160,235 USD
11/30/2022 ACQUIRE.COM 240,000 USD
09/09/2022 RAKE.COM 175,000 USD
09/09/2022 BLUNT.COM 175,000 USD
09/09/2022 MEDAL.COM 185,728 USD
09/09/2022 260,000 USD
08/17/2022 CALL.COM 1,600,000 USD
08/17/2022 LAURA.COM 250,000 USD
08/10/2022 CONNECT.COM 10,000,000 USD
08/03/2022 NFTS.COM 15,000,000 USD
07/20/2022 GRT.COM 336,600 USD
07/20/2022 DDL.COM 359,000 USD
07/20/2022 KINDNESS.COM 227,000 USD
07/20/2022 PATIENCE.COM 221,780 USD
07/06/2022 CHILL.COM 1,600,000 USD
06/22/2022 IT.COM 3,800,000 USD
06/22/2022 YACHTS.COM 600,000 USD
06/22/2022 IW.COM 570,000 USD
06/08/2022 TRADEZERO.COM 540,000 USD
06/08/2022 GIAN.COM 150,000 USD
05/27/2022 BOBBER.COM 250,000 USD
05/25/2022 OET.COM 300,000 USD
05/25/2022 GBR.COM 206,850 USD
05/25/2022 YAE.COM 200,000 USD
05/25/2022 SPORTSBET.XYZ 103,910 USD
04/26/2022 GEMS.COM 1,500,000 USD
04/11/2022 LNW.COM 475,000 USD
04/11/2022 ELMER.COM 125,000 USD
03/30/2022 GCP.COM 550,000 USD
03/30/2022 BIONTECH.COM 949,999 USD
03/30/2022 BETCALIFORNIA.COM 475,998 USD
03/30/2022 PROTON.ORG 125,000 USD

Become Dominant Name In Your Industry

Choosing a memorable domain name is an effective marketing strategy. It also pays dividends in terms of brand recognition among consumers. Regardless of the size of your company, a good domain name can be an invaluable business asset. Even more crucial than what follows of the dot is what comes before it. Use your domain to communicate not only how to contact you online, but also what interests you. They are easy for customers to remember, making them ideal for all kinds of brand marketing and promotion.

Improved Branding

Your domain name is crucial for a strong first impression and company identity. Optimize it to connect with your industry and establish a premium online brand.

Better PPC Results

Keywords in domain names can optimize ad space. PPC clickers buy products, not businesses. Users seek connection destinations. Branded URLs boost PPC rates by 39%.

Audience Expansion

Enhance your online presence with custom vanity domains, SEO, and marketing services. Boost your brand’s visibility and reach your target audience effectively.

Timeless Advertising

Ensure your brand’s future possibilities by choosing an adaptable, timeless domain name that represents your company in all future endeavors.

Name Scarcity

Rebranding a cheap yet unusual name may cost. Don’t miss the right domain name’s unlimited potential. Entrepreneurs seize last chances.

Brand Consistency

Consistency is key for brand growth. A vanity URL helps maintain consistency across platforms, attracting target consumers.

Featured Case Studies

Below you will find some of the examples of how short brandable domain names can help your business grab a larger market share within their individual industries.

Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper advertising has always been used for its cost-effectiveness. Newspapers have higher reading percentages and consumers are more inclined to engage with them in print or online. Using vanity domain names in this type of marketing strategy will increase a company’s professionalism because newspapers are deemed as credible sources for various information. A premium domain name and not some tacky or simple domain will attract more target audience with this media.

Radio Advertising

The ability to personalize and localize communications to each target audience is enabled by radio marketing. Advertisers can target certain demographics, psychographics, geographic areas, events, and genres in a market. Radio commercials are designed to specific times of day to guarantee that you reach your target demographic at the optimal time. Using a domain name with a hyphen makes it harder to advertise on radio. A premium domain name, on the other hand, is direct to the point which makes it easier to advertise where visual presentation is not present.

Internet Marketing

Online marketing strategies can be applied asynchronously, which means your target audience is not limited by geography. It’s critical for you to be where your potential clients are looking these days. There are millions of brands out there and thousands that are in the same industry as you. Your domain name is one such small but important factor that most entrepreneurs and marketers overlook. Having a vanity domain name that stands out in your communication can aid in the effectiveness of your message. They can be used as touchpoints that attract and engage your users.

Billboard Advertising

Billboards are strategically positioned along important roads and crossroads to draw attention. Most people see the same billboard multiple times and associate it with the brand and company. Since exposure is brief, the spectator is focused on something else, and writing is often impossible, billboards can be the hardest media for memory. Thus, premium domain names are crucial. It allows you to pick a short, meaningful term instead of random characters or numbers.

Direct Message

Subscribers can share great discounts with friends by clicking a button. This marketing is easily spread. Consumers can introduce your company to new markets, and email results can be seen within minutes. Thus, a professional-sounding premium domain name is essential. Spam emails with viruses employ cheesy domain names to trick recipients. Choose a premium domain name that accurately portrays your business or purpose to avoid a terrible first impression.

Television Advertising

Good television commercials are more than just walking, talking messages. You get to choose how your audience will react. Advertisements on television are obtrusive, capable of disrupting a viewer’s other activities in order to watch and listen to your pitch. Provide your website address at the end of your ad to encourage viewers to get more information. Simple vanity domain names will be easier to read or hear. A catchy domain name will be vital especially in a TV ad where seconds matter. Long or hyphenated domain names do not really make an impact and are harder to remember.

Business Card Marketing

Business cards can be obtained in quantity for a low price. The number of copies you print is up to you; adjust it based on how many you are likely to utilize on a daily basis. Exhibitions and trade events are ideal for promoting your business and expanding your contact list. These types of events are ideal for generating new contacts and closing sales. Domain names and other contact information are all easy to forget. Business cards capture that information in one place so you can recall it long after meeting that person. Partnered with a vanity domain name, it is a great example of how business cards and digital channels complement one another.

Promotion Stand Marketing

Display stands are better than other exhibition objects at grabbing passersby’s attention at events with hundreds of stands. With such a broad canvas, creating something big and bold is simple. The canvas is large, so you can optimize your marketing message. Many organizations want to engage visitors at an exhibition or trade fair, but customers are terrified by stands with unclear information and don’t know who they’re talking to. Premium domain names help print ads, advertising stands, and other non-internet advertising. Since premium domains are short and memorable, users remember the URL and go when ready.

Automotive Advertising

Vehicle wraps will distinguish your company’s vehicles. Well-designed vehicle wraps stand out to passing vehicles. Since they’re fascinating, colored automobile wraps draw attention. Customized and unique items, like vanity domains, attract word-of-mouth and buyers. A memorable, easy-to-spell domain is “premium” and pricey. These two branding aspects are pricey. Premium domain names reveal themselves. This minimizes the need for corporations to invest heavily in branding to persuade customers.

Bus Stop Advertising

Your bus bench advertising campaign’s cost-effectiveness will be near the top of the pros column. The cost per ad is actually pennies on the dollar when compared to other forms of advertising. Make sure you’re purchasing enough venues and advertising time to make a significant difference. Premium domain names are easy to remember, short, memorable, and meaningful, they play a critical role in reducing marketing costs over time. On top of saving money by using a cheaper than usual marketing strategy, you will also save money by not having to spend time and resources attempting to get your target audience to locate your website if you get a premium domain. They will remember it because it’s simple and relevant to your industry.

Social Media Marketing

Although posting on social media can help your business gain some website traffic, you’ll need to put in more work to see major results. Another reason to choose your domain name carefully is that it can affect your SEO. Using your brand name as your premium domain name is the greatest option. This the reason why vanity domain names are preferrable—They are specific to your company and there is uniqueness. Using your company’s brand name will help to build brand signals. Any reference or occurrence of your company or website on the internet is referred to as a brand signal. As you publish more content and your brand becomes more popular, search engines will learn to correlate your brand name with your keywords.

Printed Marketing

Printed sales literature sends the message to clients of an established business. While business cards or letterheads offer credibility, a brochure shows you are willing to invest in your clients. People expect printed merchandise from a serious business. Brochures also personalize your business. Matched with a vanity domain, your business will attract consumers who are interested in the niche you are in. Your target audience will easily recognize your business because it is specifically designed for them. Making your product or service known right away will boost your sales – especially through premium domains, where the business itself is displayed.

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